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Meditation by the Sea


Are you looking for relief from pain, stress, tension, or performance anxiety?

You may be surprised to learn that all these problems can be helped by changing just one thing - how you use your body.

When you tune into your body and learn to move more freely you will be more empowered to relieve pain and stress.

What's more, you will begin to discover new levels of self-awareness, acceptance, and freedom.


Find out how below or click here to contact me.

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This past March (2022) I went on a two-week immersion in the Amazon Rainforest. I brought my backpacking violin along (a Magic Fluke "Cricket") and recorded one of my favorite pieces of all time - Bach's Chaconne for solo violin - in one of the most remote places on earth, the Amazon headwaters in Ecuador. This is possibly the first time this epic violin piece ever been played and recorded in the Amazon!

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From one of Joseph's students:

"I cannot recommend studying with Joseph enough. The tools and practices that he offers are transformative and can certainly liberate any musician or individual, regardless of where they may be on their journey.


Anyone looking to soften their relationship with tension and bring more ease to their life will benefit from the tools and practices offered by Joseph. I am certain I will be using these practices and tools for years to come and connect with music and my body more freely and openly. I am very grateful for the lessons I've learned with Joseph."

- Timothy B., guitarist




Mindful movement


Alexander Technique for Pain-Relief, Strength, and Stress-Reduction

Do chronic pain, stress, or tension interfere with doing things you love? You can learn how to tune in to your body and use movement to relieve pain, reduce stress, and move more freely.

Either in individual lessons or in group workshops, you will engage in movement activities, receive hands-on body movement guidance, and learn practical techniques for healthier posture, ergonomics, and body/mind integration using the Alexander Technique, a 100-year-old holistic system of body awareness and movement re-education.

Mindful music


Alexander Technique for Effortless Performance

Imagine the best performance of your life: You’re totally in control, in a state of flow, deeply connected to your craft. You might call it a state of “effortless mastery.” When it happens, it’s amazing - so why can’t we summon it on command?
We can.  The key is getting out of your own way -  noticing the patterns of thought, emotion, and movement that increase stress, and then practicing new patterns that create ease and productive focus.

Learn to cultivate “effortless mastery” using the Alexander Technique, a 100-year-old holistic system of body awareness and movement re-education.  “Effortlessness” practices, hands-on movement explorations, and insights into stress management will be featured. Participants are invited to bring their instruments or other tools used in practicing their craft.

Mindfulness Alexander Technique


The Alexander Technique for Mindfulness Practice

We meditate for many reasons: to reduce stress, raise self-awareness and acceptance, discover new levels of connection and consciousness. Yet in our practice of “mindfulness,” we often forget the crucial role of the body in experiencing  personal growth, connection, and insight - both on the cushion and in everyday life.

Individual or group lessons will introduce you to the Alexander Technique, a 100-year-old holistic system of body awareness and movement re-education.  Hands-on movement explorations, body-based guided meditations, and practical tips will help you to find the balance of awareness and relaxation so that you can meditate with more comfort and advance your practice.

Through his thoughtful and patient practice, Joseph Arnold has helped me to discover an awareness of my physical self and its interconnectedness to all parts of my life and well-being.  Through this awareness, the smallest subtleties have empowered positive and profound changes in not only my physical health as a performer, but also my musicality and emotional well-being.  Alexander Technique has been an integral part of my growth as both a person and artist, and I owe this to Joseph Arnold's wisdom and guidance.

- Vena J., Philadelphia


Joseph Arnold, Alexander Technique teacher

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