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Hi! My name is Joseph Arnold, and I'm a violinist, Alexander Technique teacher, and founder of the Soulforce Arts Academy. I teach performance artists how to come more alive through their creative practices so that they can perform with greater expressive power and freedom, and by so doing make a meaningful difference in these turbulent times.

While studying violin at conservatory, chronic pain developed in my arms, neck, and back. There I discovered the Alexander Technique, a 100-year-old holistic system of body awareness and movement re-education. Out of the dozens of therapies I tried at the time, it was the only one that taught me to relax my muscles while playing violin.

Since then I've discovered the tools to remain balanced when experiencing difficult emotions, dissolved my performance anxiety, and learned a lot about self-acceptance. The Alexander Technique has also deepened my meditative practices. Plus, I'm now 100% pain-free.

I graduated from The Philadelphia School for the Alexander Technique in 2012 and am a nationally-certified Alexander Technique teacher.


I also play violin, teach violin lessons, and compose music.

I live, teach, and play in Philadelphia, PA.

Featured Video

This past March (2022) I went on a two-week immersion in the Amazon Rainforest. I brought my backpacking violin along (a Magic Fluke "Cricket") and recorded one of my favorite pieces of all time - Bach's Chaconne for solo violin - in one of the most remote places on earth, the Amazon headwaters in Ecuador. This is possibly the first time this epic violin piece ever been played and recorded in the Amazon!

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