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A Powerful Mindset Shift for When You Don't Have Time or Motivation to Practice

Updated: Feb 1

When you don't have enough time to practice, what's usually behind that isn't actually a matter of having enough time. It's more commonly a matter of motivation. And what's behind a lack of motivation to practice is that practicing just doesn't feel good.

When practicing feels good, you'll naturally be more motivated to practice. When practicing feels onerous or tiring, you'll naturally have less motivation to practice. The most common reason for practicing to feel onerous or tiring is an "authoritarian" mindset that says, "I have to practice, or else!" or "I should really practice more" or "I'm so lazy for not practicing more." This mindset does nothing to actually help you practice more because it feels so bad to inhabit it.

The solution is learning to tap into your internal motivation, as well as redefining practicing to include more than just mechanically repeating difficult passages in the practice room. This video includes a powerful affirmation that will help make your practice time more rewarding.

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Joseph Arnold

Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, Director of the Soulforce Arts Institute

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