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Play Fast Like A Ferrari! Learn the Secret of Speed, Accuracy & Effortlessness

Does this sound familiar? You're standing on stage, the fast passage you've spent 5 hours practicing is coming up, and you start to lock up worse than a deer in the headlights.

Not only is getting locked up uncomfortable, but what you may not know is that this excess tension actually slows you down and makes your technique less accurate.

So what's the secret of playing fast and effortlessly, without compromising technique or accuracy? The secret lies in playing "fast like a Ferrari!"

In this video Joseph Arnold and Aaron Bigeleisen explain the root cause the tension that arises when playing fast, as well as what to do so you can play like a Ferrari!

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Joseph Arnold, Violinist, Alexander Technique Teacher, and Co-Founder of the Soulforce Music School

Aaron Bigeleisen, Vocalist, Alexander Technique Teacher Trainee, and Co-Founder of the Soulforce Music School

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