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"Your Body Is a Web - Tensegrity Explained" - 100 Days of Soulforce #15

What do you do when your shoulder pain just *keeps* coming back? How do you stop your back from hurting when you play? Have you tried *everything* to release the tension in your voice, but nothing seems to work for long?

One thing I teach all of my Alexander Technique students is this: Your body is a web. Western medicine thinks of muscle and bones all being separate from one another, but this isn't true in terms of how we actually move and function.

The truth is that the part of your body that hurts is not the cause of the pain - the cause is actually a pattern of tension that's happening throughout your body as a whole, and without noticing that larger pattern of tension in the web of your body, you won't be able to effectively release it.

Day 15of 100 Days of Soulforce:

- Why your body works like a web, not a bunch of separate parts

- Introduction to "tensegrity"

- Why tensegrity is vital for performing artists to understand

- The origins of tensegrity, Buckminster Fuller

- Two experiential explorations so you can feel what tensegrity is like in your body

- Homework: Noticing your whole body in activities

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What's "100 Days of Soulforce"?

I'm embarking on a mission to spread the word about Soulforce Performing Arts because I believe it is a needed message for artists of all kinds in our times. To that end, I'm making 100 videos over the coming 100 days (or so) to explain all the different angles and ideas, and to hopefully spark inspiration in you! Each video will have inspirational and practical ideas for you to bring more Soulforce to your life as a performing artist.

These ideas are a part of my upcoming book: "Soulforce Performance Arts: Redefining Artistic Performance, Practice, and Pedagogy in a World That's Lost Its Mind." Subscribers to my newsletter will get early access and special perks. :)

Joseph Arnold

Violinist, Alexander Technique teacher, Founder of the Soulforce Arts Academy -- Sign up for my bodacious mailing list and blog!

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